Let Me Remind You (EP)

by Melrose

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Recorded by Ian Sadler in August 2012 at Emeline Studios in Whitstable, Kent, UK.


For all enquiries, please email - melrosepoppunk@gmail.com

Twitter @melrosepoppunk

Special thanks goes too Ian Sadler for his incredible hard work and patience; James Matthews for joining us in group vocals and providing good banter during the recording process; Underground Music Productions at The Westcoast Bar; Rumble In The Ghetto Promotions; and everyone who has supported this band from the get-go.

Please share this EP with whoever you feel will enjoy it. Many thanks and keep supporting hard working D.I.Y bands.


released November 13, 2012

Connor Parr - Vocals & Guitar
Michael Tracey - Vocals & Guitar
Oliver Fitch - Bass Guitar
Andrew Pepin - Drums and Vocals

James Matthews - Gang Vocals
Ian Sadler - Producing, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering.



all rights reserved


Melrose Kent, UK

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Track Name: Five Sided Fistagon
So here we go, and now we've reached a stop again,
To slow down always seems to be the remedy.
But as for my heart, I don't think that I can breathe.

But suck it up, I know she's on her way home,
And nothing's gonna change that.
To find myself and my find way back on my own.
And she said, she said this to me
that "You're forever in my heart,
"But these foundations we once built are falling apart".

I cross my heart, hope to die,
And pray that we'll be just fine,
I'll walk away for you one last time.

And you do know,
And girl do you know what it feels like?
To be that one step closer to the finish line?
My heart beats strong, as I'll forever sing this song,
I'll be just fine!

Onto this road, where I start to reminisce,
We were here sitting down, moved to our very first kiss.
Those were the times I miss, but I know that,
To live inside all this regret simply won't fulfil the best,
the best of me, no point in wasting time, I draw the line, I know I'll be just fine.
Track Name: F.Y.I. (Its Do or Die)
I wish I could return to the simple life,
I remember everyday what it felt like.
But every time I stop and catch my breath,
I always feel like I'm put to the test.
And honestly,
I think it's sad that you have the audacity.
You run your mouth and expect nothing less of,
My heart on your sleeve, at the cry of your call.

You won't get the best of me!

For your information,
I'm the better man this time.
See the pride that's in my eyes,
I'll make this count.
And take what I have inside,
I'll make it out alive.
When all else fails it's just do or die.

I'm calling you out,
Do you remember where your heart is?
It's over now,
It seems like you misplaced it…

The truth is I can't believe you lost touch with reality.
You were always so down to earth,
But all these assumptions have me at a loss for words.

I see you,
Inside this whole new light.
I'm sorry but it's makes me a little dead inside.

And for the record, I'm better off alone,
Even when I'm a thousand miles away from home.
I've never been someone to stand and take this shit,
And now I'm gone maybe you'll get it through your head.
And I'm calling you out to let you know that my feet are firmly on the ground,
These skylines never seemed their brightest around these towns. I got my head up in the clouds.
Track Name: Summer Weather
The summer time comes calling with the crash of ocean sounds.
And all of our friends are coming from all parts of town,
So let's make a toast and embrace the now.

So here we are with our friends around,
Our hearts as one with our heads up in the clouds.
These are the times we don't wanna leave,
And stay with us in the depths of our memories.
We'll raise our hands above the ground together,
Just one more part of our summer weather.

We'll stand here and make believe that these times will never die.
Our heart's beat with all our pride, to the beat of the summer time.
Track Name: Killing Me Won't Bring Back Ya' Goddamn Honey!
I'm biting my tongue, I feel like shit, i can't speak up,
I'm losing my head over the words that been carelessly thrown around.
Coffee doesn't help cause it's gone cold, but it won't be long - I see the door,
and I don't know what is right, I need to lye down!

Now you see,
I can't deal with all this fucking drama.
Time and time again it's always the same problems.
And today I find myself in this state,
I fell into place inside this worthless game.

You thought you could watch me take the fall this time,
But now I see right through that disguise.
Girl, this is not where I run and hide,
You can't fool me now, cause this is the last time.

I'll be gone before you can see,
Your "affection's" only killing me.
So I'll speak up, confess,
That I feel for you less and less.
There's no point in looking down,
So "chin up son", I'm breaking out!

And I wonder if you know where,
Where it is that I am?
Standing here with all my pride,
Looking up, do you understand?
This is me in a whole new light,
And it comes as no surprise.
Tonight, I feel alive.

I trust that you're home alone,
Reminiscing over past times and drying your eyes.

I guess I'm sorry for turning the pages,
They were blank, filled with nothing left to say.
And you know that we've been at this for days,
Searching for that remedy, but I need to break away.

I'm sorry I had to leave but I don't know what to think,
I'm losing my head over thinking this lying here in my bed.
I'm so sorry that this had to happen but we were oh so mistaken,
With all these points taken, There's always consequences just around the corner.
I don't see what there's left for us now, 'cause the pages they've blared away.
Under the ashes, nothing remains and everything has gone away.
So next time you see me, I'll be out around, wandering around in these towns, my head in the clouds,
...and I guess I'm suffocating, please, I just need out.
Track Name: No Thanks Man, I'm High On Life!
Head's in the clouds! With our feet firmly on the ground,
To the best of times we've had in so long.
So let's take the time to commemorate all of these past nights we've been off our face,
Raising our hands to the sounds of Four Year Strong till everybody else was gone.

So raise your hand if you're with us till the end!
This song's for all our friends!

We'll sing this song and show you what we've got,
We'll stand our ground, and never give up.
For all our friends know that we stand together as one.
Understand that we are the ones that'll bring this place down to the ground.
This night is ours!

And to this day we've been roaming around,
Looking to make our mark on the ends of this town.
Can't you see that this is everything that we ever wanted?

Just know that we won't give up so easily,
So don't bring us down!
This is our time and we will sing out hearts out loud,
So don't bring us down!

This is a celebration,
We live for all our friends,